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Modern Helical Solid Walnut Floor Lamp

Modern Helical Solid Walnut Floor Lamp

You are viewing a beautifully unique and modern floor lamp.

This lamp was created using hand bending techniques to form a twisting helix floor lamp that is perfect for tight low lit spaces that need additional lighting to brighten up a space or to be a unique fixture in any space regardless of the size of your room. I’m sure it will be a conversation piece in any room!

The lamp only takes up a 14 inch diameter of floor space which is a fraction of the space needed for a traditional tripod lamp and also eliminates a bulky lampshade which adds to a clean streamlined living space.

The light has an adjustable dimmer which can, at full brightness, light up a room as well at a dimmer provide enough light to enjoy reading under.


Base- 14 inch diameter circle

Height- 7 Feet

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